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A/SA516 Gr. 60/65/70 - Supply ranges from 6mm up to 200mm


Used mainly in the fabrication of Pressure Vessel containers our material is supplied with full certification and of a Western European origin. A/SA516 is a Carbon steel most suitable for moderate or low service conditions. The delivery condition of A/SA516 material differs depending on the thickness of the material or the customers requirements.


Our supply range covers grades 60, 65 & 70, which are different according to the materials strength levels.

Additional Testing along with third party inspection can be arranged by request. 


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                                Please note that all values are typical, for more detail contact us directly


                                                                                              Mechanical Values 




Masterhic 5/10/15  - Supply ranges from 6mm up to 100mm

A designation designed by Masteel UK Ltd, our HIC resistant material is tested in accordance with

Nace TM 0284. HIC Material is particularly suited for pressure equipment where wet H2S can be problematic.

Our supply range covers Masterhic 5,10 & 15


Key Features 

* Ultrasonic testing performed in accordance with ASTM A578 Level C

* Impact tested at -50°C (Longitudinal)

* Supply Condition : Normalized 

* Hardness tested according to NACE MR 0715 22HRC Max

* Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment 

* Mill test certificates in accordance to EN10204 3.1, unless otherwise stated

* Plate marking is carried out according to ASTM/ASME A/SA20



                                                           Chemical Compositions 


         For more information on Pressure Vessels and other grades, please visit our parents company page



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